Bed Brigade Builds Hope

The Bed Brigade Builds and Delivers Hope!

Bed 6

Don’t you just love the feeling of crawling into a nice warm bed in the middle of winter? This is a luxury that we too often take for granted. When most people think of people with no beds, they tend to think of third world countries. However, there are people here in our own city without beds. The Bed Brigade helps to meet this need.

Bed 7

bed 8

We are currently building and delivering ten beds a month to people who have none right here in Fairfield County. Even with building at our current rate, we still have a five month waiting list. For many children that we serve, this is their very first bed. Words cannot describe the joy that they experience when they receive the simple gift of a bed.

Bed Brigade 3

Bed Brigade is something that you have to experience to be able to understand the gravity of the impact this ministry makes. We close up each delivery with time of prayer with the family. Please contact me or sign-up on the Outreach page if you want to help this ministry thrive!

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-Ryan Hardbarger, Lancaster Campus