We are Blessed, so We Bless Others

This is the Shoup’s Furniture Bank Story.


We felt a push to purge a little deeper last Thursday when we had the Furniture Bank show up to pick up some furniture we were donating, and we ended up giving enough to fill an entire home for someone.  We donated a full bedroom set, kitchen table and chairs, another kitchenette table and chairs, couch, accent chairs, recliner, living room tables and several other items.  That was pretty awesome to know that our unused furniture was going to help families in need, especially being so closely tied to the Furniture Bank and loving how they serve others and make such an impact.

Our reason for selling our home and downsizing was very much rooted in our faith. We felt called to create more margin to bless others. Coming to the realization that we just filled a home with furniture was a great moment with God reaffirming we were headed in the direction He intended for us.  The mad scramble of moving and the tension of doing it on such hot days last week was quickly washed over when we stopped for a minute and realized what He delivered through us in all of this.

Then to hear Pastor Matt’s fear message and so much about house related decisions this weekend right after that was pretty surreal to say the least.  To top it all off, our kiddos got to hear why we were giving away so much of our stuff and how it would bless others, and they were both so sweet and wanting to see what else we should give away of their stuff to help others. Our daughter said, “We are so blessed.  God has given us so many blessings, and there is no reason to be sad.”

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