You Have Been Called – How Will You Answer?

Is God pulling at your heart? Do you feel called to go? Are you scared because you feel like you have no direction or maybe you wonder what gift you have to fulfill the Great Commission?

STOP right there! Everyone can feel that tugging in their lives at times and can feel like they should be doing something different or being somewhere else. We all feel like we need balance and a sense of direction, and we all get scared when we do not feel in control. But, is God in control of your life or are you?

We are called to Love first because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19) When we have these feelings, we need to give up control and all of the “what ifs” and place it all in God’s hands. God wants to use us, and He made each one of us for a specific purpose. You are special, and God gave you many gifts and qualities to prepare a story for His glory.


Taking a mission trip is a great way to learn to give up the fears and the control that may be holding you back. When you get out of your daily routine and away from all of the distractions, you learn to fully rely on God and to pray without wondering if the bills are paid, groceries bought, house cleaned, the kids to bed, and the list goes on and on.

West Virginia

Experiencing God 101 is something we all need. Sometimes it takes to get up and go, to learn to listen, to open your ears, to listen to your soul and to hear God calling you. God has a plan for every life. Because we are called to be His hands and feet, and because we are are His disciples, we are to live like Jesus while we are here.


When you take a mission trip with Crossroads.TV, you are taking a trip with a family. You will be with the ones that support and care for you. People on a mission trip become a team with a purpose to love by serving. They become a unit that works better together. Whether we are doing labor, educating, VBS, singing, dancing, playing or evangelizing, we are doing it from our hearts and with the ones we love!

On October 18th at 7pm the Lithopolis Campus Crossroads.TV will be holding the first Mission interest meeting for 2017. There is so much in store for you. Come and learn about the many choices from in country to out of country missions. We encourage you to stop by and see what your church is doing to be the change!