“Everyone Needs to Experience This.”

I started to attend Crossroads.TV the summer before my junior year of high school. I just wanted to check it out with a few friends, and then found that I loved every aspect instantly. I had only been attending regularly for a few months, but I decided to check out the missions meeting anyway. The video that Jackie, the trip leader, had made for the Dominican and her passion for the country and its people stuck with me and created an indescribable pull at my heart.

I was only 17 and was very grateful that my parents supported this sudden, spontaneous urge to not only to begin my walk with Jesus, but to also be His hands and feet myself. The Dominican and its people captured my heart immediately. God spoke to me, “This is what you are called to do. This is your burden, and THIS your passion.” I went to the Dominican again this summer and nothing changed except my love for Batey 7 and El Jobo had grown even more.


Going on mission trips has not only been a culture shock, but it has also expanded my faith and deepened my faith with God.  It has changed my view on every day life. Clean water from the faucet is a miracle. A hot shower and a meal on the table is a blessing, and still, I would much rather spend my day playing 20 rounds of volleyball in the Dominican sun. I would still rather be where my heart is. I have never felt more alive and free than in El Jobo, attending a church service where I may not understand the sermon, but I am praising Him anyway, along with the rest of my team… eyes closed and both arms raised high. Everyone needs to experience this.

-Julia Bloom