The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio.

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Our Bed Brigade is Building Hope.

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Victory Ministries May 2016

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IMPACT Week 2015

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio – Your Giving is Making a Difference

IMPACT Week 2015

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Homelessness Hits Close to Home

Impact 2014!

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio
Crossroads.TV building furniture for those in need around Central Ohio.

Cleaning up!
Volunteers from Crossroads.TV recently headed out to a local ministry partner to help with some Spring cleaning. Watch Stowe Mission get cleaned up!

OSU Star House Serves Homeless Youth
Crossroads.TV is partnering with The OSU Star House to provide gently used career clothing to homeless youth seeking employee. You can visit our Outreach Facebook to find out how you can help. Watch as staff at OSU Star House talk about their purpose and share about their vision to make a difference in the lives of youth in the community.

A Simple Loaf of Bread
We are reminded of Jesus’ heart to feed the hungry in Matthew 14:13-21, when he fed the 5,000. In verse 16, He says, “They do not need to go away, you give them something to eat.” That is just what we did! Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to give away 1500 loaves of bread to help our local partners feed the hungry.

Dominican Republic, 2013
Missions are at the heart of our Crossroads.TV Outreach ministry. Last Summer, we sent a group of people to the Dominican Republic to make an impact outside of our borders. Here’s a glimpse into the trip that brought our church family closer together while serving with unconditional love.

Recappin’ 2013
2013 was a great year for Crossroads.TV. God’s presence was so vivid in our church. During our Believe Christmas Experience, we shared with you how God used each and every one of us to make a difference in the lives of others and how God used Crossroads.TV to impact multitudes of people in many areas of our city and in many other countries throughout the world. This video is proof of God working in us and through us, allowing each one of us to be His hands and feet. We are called to be sent out and to love, and that is what we did in 2013!

Warm Up Lancaster, 2013
During our GiveBack Project, we provided nearly 1100 brand new coats to the children of two Lancaster Elementary Schools. There was a great need for warm coats for many of these families, and because of the generosity of our church, we were able to meet it. Over 85 volunteers served 320 hours during Warmup Lancaster. Thank you for loving on the city of Lancaster.

Stowe Mission
Because of your faithful giving, our partner Stowe Mission of Central Ohio is continuing to provide 500 meals a day! Over 122,000 meals are provided from their community soup kitchen and pantry each year. When their commercial refrigerator died, we were able to immediately provide them with a brand new one!