Missions – Kayla’s Story

This is Kayla’s Missions Story.  Kayla is one of our students at Crossroads.TV.  Last summer, she embarked on a journey that led her to the Dominican Republic.  In her heart, she knew this was a trip she had to take.  She felt apprehensive about leaving the country by herself at her age.  Still, she believed that God was calling her to go.  To her surprise, after a full week of indecision, she found out that her trip was being sponsored.  Kayla immediately knew that God had a plan for her.

Kayla felt God preparing the way for her as she came upon the Sugar Cane Villages that were full of children.  At each stop, hundreds of children would run up to the bus trying to get in before everyone could get out.  All they wanted was to be loved and to be held. At one point, Kayla had three kids attached to her, each one trying to get her full attention.  Holding these children and showing them love was pure joy.  As she thought about how much we all have, while these children had so little, it was heartbreaking.

Moments like this were common for Kayla.
Moments like this were common for Kayla.

The best moment of Kayla’s trip was when she visited Jackie’s House, an orphanage full of children.  Jackie, the mother of the house, was someone that Kayla would never forget. She lived each day relying on God to provide for the orphanage when she could not.  This woman never knew how she would pay her bills, but through her faithfulness, all was provided. Jackie’s testimony blew Kayla away.  What an amazing story of faith.  When it was time to go, the Crossroads missions team was ready to pray for the orphanage, but instead the children gathered all around and began to pray for their safe journey home.

As each day passed, Kayla’s faith was growing and her relationship with God was becoming stronger. The team devotionals became more powerful each night, as everyone began to open up and share what God had done in their hearts through the day’s experience. Friendships were closer, and memories were made that the team of 23 would never forget.

The most important thing that Kayla took away from the experience was a new understanding about God’s family.  She learned that we are all a part of that family, no matter how far apart we are.  God showed Kayla that you don’t have to speak the same language to experience fun times together or to feel the love that was exchanged.  She thinks about the people that she met in the Dominican Republic often and hopes to see them again one day.  Because of missions, Kayla’s life is forever changed!

Is it time to write your own missions story?  Join us at our Lithopolis Campus for an informational meeting on Tuesday, January 28th at 7PM.  We will be sharing details about two missions opportunities that are coming up this summer.

Check out this video from last year’s trip!