‘Twas the week of Thanksgiving – A Shoe Drop Poem

'Twas the week of Thanksgiving, when all through Dunloe and Tallmedge elementary, every student was stirring, even the secretary. 
    The school was decorated with turkeys and gourds, in hopes that Crossroads Church soon would be lured. 
    The students were awaiting eagerly at their desks, while visions of new tennis shoes danced in their heads. 

shoe drop
    And the teachers were trying to keep everyone's attention, as if Crossroads arrival was the intention. 
    When suddenly outside the school, there arose such a clatter.
    The students and teachers sprang to the windows to see what was the matter. 
    An eruption of cheer grew quite fast, as the volunteers of Crossroads were there in a flash. 
    As Crossroads was getting ready for the students, the teachers were taking attendance to see who was absent. 
    The Crossroads.TV trailer had the door wide open, with tons of shoe boxes for the shoe drop to happen. 

shoe 0
 With the folks of Crossroads, so lively and cheerful,
    The students knew in a moment it would be delightful.
    The students were dismissed, excited for new shoes. 
    The Crossroads volunteers handed them out, all with good news! 

shoe drop 3
    "Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and we are here to serve Him," the Crossroads team whistled. 
    So "loving our city by serving it" was clear as crystal. 
    The teachers explained to everyone "we must always be thankful, and our lives will be fruitful." 

shoe drop 1
    In celebration of the shoe giveaway everyone exclaimed, "Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a great day!" 

-Melody Delaney
Lithopolis Campus